Travel Truth #2: The Run Around

Travel Related Weight Gain. The struggle is real and all too common.   Similar to the freshman 15 (or 20 or 30) that almost every university student has experienced, travelers most likely have experienced returning home with some extra weight, and not the kind that can be shoved into your extended luggage for the journey home.

 Whether you are a traveling for business, weekend leisure, or an extended sabbatical, chances are you are going to a new destination. And a new destination means trying the local cuisine, having a few cocktails/beers, and splurging on that morning pastry from the quaint bakery you saw around the corner when you arrived. In my opinion, food and drinks is one of the best things about traveling. That is, until the pair of jeans you wore on day one now take an extra five wiggles to get on, you suck in and swear that they shrunk, and blame the extra jiggle you have in your midsection on residual jet lag bloating.

“I’m walking all day every day to see the sites! That’s exercise”

“The hotel has a gym” (notice they didn’t say they were using it)

“It’s just a weekend”

These are just some of the excuses that are used all too frequently. One way to combat all the excuses and all the extra pounds/kilograms is running. I realize that not everyone is a runner, or may not be physically able to run, but if you are able bodied and willing to put in a little effort, running can be any traveler’s savior. Not only will you sweat out any jet lag (I highly recommend running on your first evening or morning after a long flight) but you’ll burn enough calories to have that pastry you were eyeing.

Running requires minimal effort, and is the perfect way to get lost in a new city and see sites. You don’t have to run non-stop for an hour, but run to a church and take a few pictures, then onto a scenic overlook, along a river/canal, and through a major city park. It’s free, it’s exercise, and you’ll feel less guilty when you order that third glass of sangria at dinner. 

So pack your sneakers, and get lost running through your next destination. Your waistband will thank you on the return trip home. Check out features (coming soon) under Fun Runs in the Menu for running routes around the world.

Exception to the Truth:   If when you go to Mexico, Indonesia, or another other worldly nation and drink the water, even when warned not to, then weight-loss might come easy.   However, I don’t recommend this as your next diet option. Take that advice from someone with first hand experience. Montezuma’s revenge is anything but sweet.

Happy Travels


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